About Us

19 years ago, I started to build what began as a dream, inspired on the multiple customer experiences, as a result of analyzing needs in the industrial automation field, and different projects.

That vision is now a company with a team who’s main values are the commitment with the client, developing systems that present friendly and safe operations for its personnel, its business, and the environment.

AUTOCONTROL S.A., is a company that continuously seeks to innovate in its services, because each project is a new challenge, learning and an enriching experience.


Ing. Joaquin Negrete Argenzio

General Manager

Quality policy

We are an electrical and electronic engineering company, specialized in industrial automation, we have made the satisfaction of the client our priority, guaranteeing a complete solution of the requirement under the fulfillment of the international standards of quality. Our continuous improvement focuses on manufacturing processes and personalized attention.

Our mission

Delivering our experience and knowledge to the client in order to obtain the best technical solution in the field of Electrical Engineering and Automation, developing robust, user-friendly and environmentally friendly solutions, offering a product with the most advanced technology and the highest quality.


Our Vision

To become the benchmark of the Electrical Engineering and Automation services market, leading the industrial projects of the companies of Ecuador and America.



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